Volunteer Spotlight


Nancy S.

Though she just started in March, it seems like Nancy has been a volunteer for The Petal Connection much longer! We love her enthusiasm and can-do attitude. Peonies are her favorite flower, her favorite color is fuschia, and her favorite activity at The Petal Connection is floral design. Nancy says, "If it's a Tuesday and I'm in town, you'll find me at The Petal Connection!"

At The Petal Connection, we love our dedicated and talented volunteers!






Barb N.

Driving in most weeks from "up the hill" in snow country, Barb has been a Petal Connection volunteer for about a year. Her favorite flowers are Larkspur, Delphinium and Sweet Peas. Barb volunteers for The Petal Connection because she loves the concept of donating flowers to hospice patients, but she also works behind the scenes preparing "vases" and bows for The Petal Connection. We just love our dedicated volunteers!

Susan B.

Susan became a volunteer at The Petal Connection at the beginning of this year. Having a family member in Hospice taught her the importance of something like flowers to brighten a patient's day. Susan's favorite flowers are tulips, her favorite color blue, and like many of our volunteers, her favorite "assignment" at The Petal Connection is arranging flowers. We love our awesome volunteers at The Petal Connection!





Jim M.

Jim started volunteering for The Petal Connection this spring, when there was a need for help picking up donated flowers. His favorite flowers are roses, though he says he's not creative enough to design arrangements. Jim told us, "Knowing you're a part of something that brings so much joy to people who are shut in and/or in Hospice is a great feeling. The talent that the people have who do the actual arrangements is incredible and much appreciated by those on the receiving end." We are so grateful for Jim and his generous help!





Linda E.

You wouldn't know it from this pretty arrangement, but volunteer Linda's favorite colors are red and purple, and her favorite flowers are carnations and chrysanthemums. Linda started volunteering with The Petal Connection about 6 months ago, and really enjoys arranging the flowers into bedside bouquets. Linda, with her great smile, is a great addition to our volunteer "staff." Thank you Linda and all our special volunteers. You make it possible for The Petal Connection to spread kindness . . . one petal at at time!





Chris E.

Sometimes, our volunteers receive more than they give--or so they tell us. Chris shares that The Petal Connection is a wonderful atmosphere--one she's thankful she found. Her favorite flowers are impatiens (though we don't see those as cut flowers) and her favorite color is green. Chris is one of OUR favorite people. At The Petal Connection, our volunteers make all the difference!






Laura L.

Celebrating her 3rd anniversary volunteering for The Petal Connection this month, Laura says her favorite activity is sorting flowers. But she is also a wiz at removing the sharp rings from cans (something we have to do before they can be used). Her favorite flowers are roses and her favorite color is yellow. Laura's smile us one of OUR favorites. At The Petal Connection, we LOVE our volunteers!


Michelle F.

It’s been nearly a year since Michelle began volunteering with The Petal Connection. Her favorite part of volunteering is arranging flowers and listening to our other volunteers sing. She says she volunteers because “I love creating something beautiful to help brighten someone’s day.” Michelle probably wouldn’t admit it, but we know she has an amazing talent for creating beautiful arrangements with an artistic flair!


Noriko S.

Noriko started volunteering with The Petal Connection in May, because she loves flowers and believes in our message. Sorting the flowers when they come in is the activity she enjoys most. Her favorite flower is the snowball Chrysanthemum. Noriko is super helpful and is always smiling and laughing. She’s a beautiful soul and we’re lucky to have her as a volunteer!





Don and Terri J.

Don and Terri are unique as the only married couple among our volunteers. Don, whose favorite flowers are orchids, was a nurse for 45 years before retiring. Terri, who loves yellow roses, started volunteering with us in 2015, and convinced Don to join in early 2016. In addition to The Petal Connection, Don and Terri volunteer at UC Davis Hospice. These two are gems, always upbeat, smiling and giving. The Petal Connection loves our dedicated volunteers!


Kathy F.

Always smiling, Cathy has been volunteering with The Petal Connection since January 2014! She loves flowers, and enjoys making beautiful arrangements that spread happiness. If there are hydrangeas or roses available, you can usually find one in Cathy’s bouquets as they’re her favorite flowers. In addition to her volunteer talents, Cathy loves to water ski and go thrift shopping!





Michelle S.

Michelle worked as a florist for many years, and it’s great having someone with her experience and eye for design as one of our volunteers. Stock and hydrangeas are Michelle’s favorite flowers and she loves the color blue. She’s been volunteering at The Petal Connection since February. When asked why she volunteers Michelle says, “I love arranging flowers for such a great purpose and to brighten someone’s day.”

Thank you Michelle!




Cheryl H.


Cheryl found The Petal Connection, and began volunteering in October 2015. The opportunity to brighten the day for hospice patients and “play with flowers” drew her to the group. Her favorite color is orange, and indeed, many of the arrangements she creates feature that cheery color. Always upbeat and cheerful, it’s not surprising that Cheryl’s favorite flower is the daisy.

Thank you Cheryl!


Max F

Max is known among the other Petal Connection volunteers for her colorful tennis shoes and her bright smile! She’s been volunteering for The Petal Connection since 2014, and says “Hospice was a blessing to my little sister, and I found The Petal Connection filling a piece of my broken heart.” Every volunteer has their own reasons for volunteering, but we all come together because it brings joy—to the recipients of our flower arrangements, but also …to each of us as we create the bouquets.

Thank you Max!


Patti H

Patti has been a volunteer at TPC for over 2 years. She says, "This is the best volunteer "job" I've ever had. It gives me a happy feeling that lasts all day!" Among the many reasons she volunteers are the opportunity to meet so many wonderful volunteers and being able to make people who are ill or elderly feel better. It also is a happy coincidence that she loves flowers and making beautiful bouquets out of recycled blooms. Our volunteers are amazing and we were surprised to lean Patti is an avid fisher woman! We love having her on our team.