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Fun Through the Eyes of Maggie Rose McGurk column

Fun at The Petal Connection

By: Maggie Rose McGurk

The Petal Connection celebrated their move to a new location in Roseville with an open house on May 11.

Many in the community gathered to share and learn more about the mission of The Petal Connection. It was a beautiful evening of flowers, music, friends, and fun! 

Jennifer Arey’s board of directors, Sally Haff, Lorrie Wilson, Judi Gavia, Julie Jackson and Lori Dangberg; were there to support her.

It was wonderful that Jennifer’s mother, Marilynn Hunter and sons, Cole and Brenden, were there to see and enjoy her accomplishments.

Susan Hogg helped in finding the new location and Laura Kuntz supported with knowledge and her experience as a florist.

Jan and Roy Stearns were there to encourage the mission of the program. Jojo Johnson Felt and her mother, Mary Baker, were excited to help in any way.

What a fun evening!

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        Maggie Rose McGurk

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